Finding Your Perfect Colors

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Finding Your Perfect Colors

When you start wearing makeup, it can be easy to get sidetracked with cool lip colors, glittery eye shadows, and a world of blush choices. However, not every color or sheen will work with your skin tone. For example, I have incredibly fair skin, and warm tones make me look like I have been playing in my mom's makeup. I want you to be able to look and feel your best, which is why this blog is dedicated to cosmetics and hygiene. After all, it might look easy, but makeup is a lot more difficult to apply than most people realize.


Time To Go Green? How To Gonatural With Your Skin Care Routine

If you've decided to choose a healthier, greener lifestyle, make sure that choice includes your skin care products. You might not realize this, but those skincare products could contain a myriad of chemicals that are being absorbed into your skin. Not only are those chemicals bad for your skin, but they're also bad for your body. Once they're absorbed into skin, they make their way right into your bloodstream. You can protect your skin and your body by choosing natural skin care products. Here are four steps you can take to improve the health of your skin.

Get Back to the Basics

When it comes to skin care, the best thing you can do is get back to the basics. Many skin care companies insist that you need a wide variety of products for your skin. However, that's not necessarily true. In fact, to keep your skin its healthiest, you really just need a good cleanser, a toner, an eye cream to remove dark circles and puffiness, and a moisturizer with built-in sun protection. Once you have those four natural skin care products, you'll be ready to keep your skin looking and feeling clean, fresh, and young.

Choose the Right Packaging

If you've decided to go natural for your skin care products, you need to make sure you choose the right packaging. Some plastic skin care containers are manufactured using chemicals that can leach into your skin care products. Unfortunately, that means that your natural skin care products may still contain unhealthy chemicals. To avoid chemical leaching, be sure to choose skin care products that come in glass containers. If you must choose plastic containers for your natural skin care products, try to choose containers that have a recycling code of #1.

Read the Labels

When it comes to choosing natural skin care products, you need to read the labels closely. Some products that are labeled as natural, aren't actually all that natural. Some of them will still contain harmful chemicals. Go ahead and spend some time reading the labels until you find the skin care products that are 100% natural.

Steer Clear of Added Fragrance

If you're looking for all-natural skin care products, make sure you steer clear of products containing added fragrance. Those fragrances can be just as bad for your skin as the chemical ingredients that you're trying to avoid. If you do prefer a bit of fragrance in your skin care products, choose those that are scented with essential oils. Not only will you get the benefit of a natural aroma, but you'll also have the added health benefit of the essential oil.